The Story

Founder and President Dr. Sonia Brown concept for STAY In School began during one of the many visits to her native country Jamaica. She often observed that the adolescent boys and girls that should be attending the primary school located in some of the poor communities were often absent from school and found lounging at home or on shop plaza instead. Upon inquiry, she learned that many parents were unable to afford the necessary basic resources to send their children to school. She found out that these needs went beyond the required school supplies, like textbooks, pens, pencils and lunch. Girls have an urgent need for sanitary pads and other feminine products, and the boys are badly in need of a haircut and grooming supplies. From there on Dr. Brown vowed to assist middle school youth in Jamaica. STAY In School is guided by the mission to secure the future of children. We will visit primary schools throughout Jamaica and deliver sanitary products, grooming supplies, and undergarments among other basic resources. The plan is to raise funds to pay help adolescent youth in need. To execute this plan Dr. Brown recognized that a formal organization must be set up to amplify support. She conceptualized that to acquire these resources she must mobilize people not just in the United States but also in Jamaica. Joined by her colleagues hailing from Dominica Republic (Dr. Bertha Saldana DeJesus) and Trinidad (Ms. Evelyn Cassidy Asevero), Dr. Brown envisioned that helping adolescent youth should be stretch across the Caribbean region as well, where she and her colleagues can each given back to their native country. The organizers of STAY In School plan use a variety of platforms to raise funds in order to carry out its purpose and mission. Use of online crowd-funding, fundraising activities, single and group cash or kind donations, grants applications are the best effective methods. The plan is to coordinate with individuals, community groups, businesses and other private and nonprofit organizations in the United States and the Caribbean to secure partnerships in this venture.