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Dr. Sonia Rowe Brown


Sonia is a humanitarian, a psychotherapist and an interdisciplinary educator. Her work spans extensively across multiple fields. She provides service across a diverse population. She also works with various organizations ranging from non-profit to higher education. Her teaching and research is honed within a postmodern philosophy, critically examining subjects in sociology (race, culture, and immigration), social work (mental health, interpersonal relationships, and family dynamics) and education (leadership, social sustainability and globalization strategy). Her social philosophy embraces a social justice approach of which she is dedicated to confronting oppression, exploitation, and embrace compassion, respect, inclusion and dignity for all. Sonia wishes for a world where leaders prioritizes the needs of the less fortunate. Her work is motivated by a strong desire to create and sustain a peaceful environment that sits firmly on a solid humanitarian foundation, with a spirit of giving, love and compassion. Sonia strives to make a safer and meaningful place for children to live in. Sonia holds a Doctor of Arts Social Work degree from Kutztown University, a Master of Arts Social Work degree from Loyola University, a Master of Arts Sociology degree from DePaul University, and a Bachelor of Arts Social Work degree from Northeastern Illinois University. Through a transformative leadership approach, her goal is to enhance the awareness to improve the well-being of children and families and increase their potential to improve their own lives. Her chronicles in philanthropy includes fundraising, grant writing, volunteering, charitable giving and creating symposiums and managing other ventures to support various projects. Sonia thrive to use alternative methods to helping the under-served youth in her community, on the guiding principle of empathy.

Dr. Bertha Saldana DeJesus

Vice president

Bertha has over 20 years of social work experience with a variety of organizations. She held an array of leadership positions with government, private and non-profit agencies, where she has practiced in the areas of child welfare, behavioral health, and hospice care. Bertha brings to this position wide ranging expertise, including her passion for organizing diverse groups of people from all background to expand on their capacity to create and build charitable opportunities, and to better serve those in need. Her advocacy work focuses on addressing the needs of Latino communities especially where these concerns intersect to support families and children. Bertha received a Doctor of Social Work degree from Millersville University, a Masters of Social Work degree from Widener University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Shippensburg University. Bertha is an assistant professor at Millersville University where she also served as a field coordinator/field liaison/field instructor in the social work programs. In addition Bertha serves as a board member of Hear Inc Gate House for Men. Her social philosophy is to impart strength through grace.

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Ms. Evelyn Cassidy Asevero

assistant vice president

Evelyn is the Program Assistant for the Justice Studies Department at Montclair State University. Evelyn combine her unique blend of administrative experience and servant leadership approach to promote the need to assist the homeless population in her community. Spearheading her own informal volunteer initiative, she works tirelessly by visiting public places to feed the homeless. Throughout her 25 years serving in private, non-profit, government organizations and higher education institutions, Evelyn uses the lens of social good to amplify the need to engage in community-based advocacy, through collaboration and exchange solution-oriented approaches, calling on her peers and those in upper echelons to lend their voices and engage effectively to achieve greater impact. Her values rests on the foundation that a commitment to giving is an appropriate response to demonstrate one’s faith and humanitarian character. Evelyn studies Business Administration with a concentration in finance and accounting.